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The advantages of solid timber doors

Doors are an essential part of any home. They’re gateways between rooms, a way of getting in and out, and of keeping the home secure; they also keep out noise and cold. All of these functions require a door that’s strong, reliable, and fits with your personal style and the architectural design of the house. With all of this in mind, consider solid timber doors – they fit the bill for all of the features above.


As far as materials for doors go, there’s no doubt that solid timber is one of the strongest, most durable out there. Timber lasts a long time, and even if your door does sustain some damage, it can be easily repaired. This isn’t the case with doors of other material, such as aluminium doors, which will need be replaced if they go bad.


As well as the practical features, these doors look stunning; few components of the home look as beautiful as a solid timber door. Timber with a clear finish offers a natural look with the full beauty able to show, or you can opt for a dark stain for a deeper, rich colour.


As a natural insulator, timber can help you save on energy costs when both heating and cooling your home. Unlike other common door materials which transfer heat efficiently, essentially being insulation in reverse, timber doors help your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Solid timber doors from Admiral Home

You’ve got choice from an extensive range of industry leading solid wood doors available in traditional or contemporary styles from Admiral Home. All of the timber used in our solid wood doors is sustainable, meaning it’s harvested from forests which are managed to be environmentally friendly. Get in touch with us today or find out more here.