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Five signs your windows need upgrading

Windows are an important part of any home, and older ones were most likely built with single glazed windows. These are much more vulnerable to the elements, with the chance for condensation to form, as well as letting heat out, when compared to double glazing. If your house has single glazed windows, you may be due for an upgrade. There are some common signs that you’ll need to replace your windows, which we’ve compiled here.


Over time, older windows will start to deteriorate due daily exposure to the elements. The older a window is, the more likely it is to start letting in a draft. If you notice that parts of your house are colder than usual, weak seals are letting in the cold air as well as letting the heating that you’re paying for out, so it’s time for an upgrade.


A regular build-up of fog and condensation on your windows is another sign of a problem. Older windows will often lead to condensation in cold weather, which brings too much moisture to the inside of your home, potentially even leading to mould to grow. This is another indicator that your windows have decayed to the point that an upgrade is needed, or it could also just be that your homes single glazed windows are too thin to keep protect against cold and moisture.

Decaying window frames

If your home has wooden window frames, then long term exposure to moisture could have caused them to warp and decay. This can make the windows harder to open and close, as well as let in water, to the point that you could find water pooling on the floor.

Energy bills

If your home has older windows, and you’re noticing that you feel colder when standing by them, its highly likely that a lot of your heating is going to waste – it’s like you’re throwing your money out of the window. These high energy bills can be solved with a window upgrade that will keep the heat you’re paying for in your house, rather than out of the window.

Noise pollution

Thin windows can let in an unwanted amount of noise from outside, which is especially bad if you live next to a busy road. If you can hear cars approaching from afar and they’re exceptionally loud when passing your house, double glazed windows would help absorb some of the sound vibrations and keep the noise from outside to a minimum.

Admiral Home windows

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