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Benefits of French windows and doors to your home

As well as being stylish and aesthetically pleasing, French windows (or ‘doors’) also provide practical benefits for your home.

Due to being mostly window pane, French windows act as a nice transition piece from one room to another, or a room to a garden. They give a sense of enhanced space to a room, with more light allowed in and a view of the room or outside on the other side.

Savings on energy bills

French windows can help with both heating and air condition bills. In the summer, opening them up to the garden will let heat out and allow a breeze through the house. Conversely, in the winter, closed French windows will effectively keep heat in due to them being made with double glazing.


French windows are made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). uPVC is a hard, rigid material that is both water and fire resistant, making it a safe and suitable material for your home.


Adding French windows to your home is very likely to increase its value and could help seal the deal with potential buyers should you ever come to sell your home.


As well as all these practical benefits, French windows are also very aesthetically pleasing. They are a timeless piece which have remained in style since their invention in the 17th century.

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