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Benefits of choosing a sun lounge conservatory over an extension

It may seem hard to choose between a sun lounge conservatory and an extension to your home; both have their own upsides, but with a sun lounge conservatory you’ll be getting plenty of benefits as well as a beautiful addition to your home.

Sun lounge or conservatory?

Firstly, it’s important to note that there is a difference between a sun lounge and a conservatory. Although subtle, these differences make for important distinctions in the kind of room you’ll be getting. A conservatory is made primarily of glass, letting in a lot more sunlight as well as heat; there is often little protection from the sun, which can be problematic on the hottest summer days. A sun lounge conservatory, on the other hand, typically has a more sturdy structure, with a solid roof that offers more respite from the sun as well as giving it more of a ‘new room’ feeling.

The benefits of a sun lounge

The first benefit to choosing a sun lounge is that you’re opening up your home and bringing your garden in, a well as the summer sun in the hotter months. A sun lounge will enable you to enjoy your garden more the whole year round, as well as providing a great summer room. Although a downside to a normal conservatory is the lack of insulation in the colder months, a sun lounge will offer better opportunity for insulation, being built more like a standard room rather than predominantly from glass.

Although similar cost to an extension, a sun lounge is a more attractive, fresher, more modern look to most homes. The work undertaken to complete an extension will also be longer and more disruptive than with a sun lounge, potentially getting in the way of the use of other parts of your house, such as the kitchen, for months on end.

Another great advantage of a sun lounge is that being built with more than just glass, you’ll find it feeling like a new room rather than a conservatory. A complete (or even partially covered) roof gives the sun lounge a sense of being an extension of the house, rather than a space suitable only for the summer that can happen wit ha conservatory.

Admiral Home Improvements

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