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A Window on Your Savings: Why Double Glazing Is the Best Choice for Your Home

In Britain, all new homes are built with double glazing as standard. There are a number of different reasons for this, with the primary one being that it is very energy efficient. It contains an insulating layer which helps prevent cold temperatures on the outside from changing the temperature inside. As a result, homes are noticeably warmer and more comfortable.

However, not every property in Suffolk has double glazed windows. Older homes need a replacement for single glazed panes in order to enjoy these benefits. Also, if you’re currently building a new house, you’ll need to pick a reliable double glazing provider. This should be relatively easy to do, because Admiral is a privately owned family company who have been trading for over 25 years.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of double glazing and why you definitely need it in your home.

Smaller Energy Bills

On average, homeowners can save around £300 per year when they replace their single panes with double glazing. As the wholesale cost of gas and electricity continues to rise, this level of value will only increase. The more heat is conserved inside the house, the less energy you have to use to create optimal conditions. It also works the other way around too. When temperatures are high outside, double glazing keeps properties cooler.

Increased Security

With two panes to get through, instead of one, your house will be significantly harder to break into. According to security experts, burglars are less likely to try and enter properties with double glazing because they know it will take longer to gain access. Installing internal beading is a good way to further increase security and make sure that window panes cannot be popped out of the frame from outside.

Super Strength

While double glazing isn’t completely impervious to impacts, it is tougher than single glazing. This makes it a great choice for homes in Suffolk, whether the neighbourhood is considered risk prone or not. You don’t have to be burgled or vandalised for a window to break. Somebody could accidentally kick a football at it, but if you have double glazing, it is unlikely to smash.

Reduced Noise

It is worth remembering that double glazing also reduces noise from outside. Two panes of glass block out traffic very efficiently. So, if you live next to a busy road or highway, you can count on your windows to keep things quiet on the inside. Once again, the opposite is true as well. The noise that you make will be harder to hear outside the double glazing.

More Resale Value

Even if you live in quite an old house, it is worth considering a double glazing installation, because it will substantially increase its market value. The vast majority of buyers feel that double glazing is an essential feature and many won’t think about purchasing a property without it. These days, there are all kinds of options available. You can retain and preserve the aesthetic of an older home and still enjoy the benefits of double glazing.

If you want to know more about the benefits of double glazing, visit Admiral Home. Or, you can call 01473 659 062 or 07850710147 to request a quotation and consultation.

From Old Conservatory To A New Garden Room


Mr and Mrs Stringer visited us at Admiral Home improvements after deciding there wanted to add a new garden room to the rear of their home. The plan was to take down the old conservatory and create a room that can be used all year round and give plenty of light, I’m sure you will agree not only has the change made a huge difference to the property but the goal has been achieved with a stunning new room with lots of light and space that can be used all year round.

Mr and Mrs Stringer are now looking to have the remaining windows and doors changed by Admiral Home improvements in the future.

Please like us on Facebook to see more pictures of this and more installers by Ipswich’s favourite home improvement company.  We are home improvement experts dealing in many things, not just conservatories and we will be sure to look after you.

We and our customer are very happy with their new garden room and we are sure we could help you with any home improvement needs.

Bi-folding door installation


Mr and Mrs Brady owner of Mutual Media and Hudson signs in Ipswich approached us after having a Solid wood front door installed by Admiral Home Improvements earlier in the year and asked us to re-design their garden room, I’m sure you will agree the transformation has made a massive difference to the property. a lovely set of bi-folding doors have now been installed and open up the kitchen in to the garden area.

Mr Brady commented that he was very impressed with the work from start to finish and was quite happy to leave Admirals fitting team on site to carry out the work knowing that the work would be completed to a very high standard, Mr and Mrs Brady are now looking to have the remaining windows, doors and roof line work replaced in the rest of the property in the near future. Please like us on Facebook to see more pictures of this and more installers by Ipswich’s favorite home improvement company

More happy Customers


Mr and Mrs Lewis, Came back to admiral after having had previous work completed by us and wanted to enhance the look of the property, i think you will agree the new door looks excellent, Both Mr and Mrs Lewis are very pleased with the new front door.