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The advantages of solid timber doors

Doors are an essential part of any home. They’re gateways between rooms, a way of getting in and out, and of keeping the home secure; they also keep out noise and cold. All of these functions require a door that’s strong, reliable, and fits with your personal style and the architectural design of the house. With all of this in mind, consider solid timber doors – they fit the bill for all of the features above.


As far as materials for doors go, there’s no doubt that solid timber is one of the strongest, most durable out there. Timber lasts a long time, and even if your door does sustain some damage, it can be easily repaired. This isn’t the case with doors of other material, such as aluminium doors, which will need be replaced if they go bad.


As well as the practical features, these doors look stunning; few components of the home look as beautiful as a solid timber door. Timber with a clear finish offers a natural look with the full beauty able to show, or you can opt for a dark stain for a deeper, rich colour.


As a natural insulator, timber can help you save on energy costs when both heating and cooling your home. Unlike other common door materials which transfer heat efficiently, essentially being insulation in reverse, timber doors help your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Solid timber doors from Admiral Home

You’ve got choice from an extensive range of industry leading solid wood doors available in traditional or contemporary styles from Admiral Home. All of the timber used in our solid wood doors is sustainable, meaning it’s harvested from forests which are managed to be environmentally friendly. Get in touch with us today or find out more here.

Which windows are best for your home?

With a fair few window options offered, there’s plenty to choose from when upgrading – but which is best for your home?

This guide will take you through the different windows that we offer, along with the benefits of each style.

UPVC Windows

The main benefits of UPVC windows are their heat and noise insulation properties. As well as helping you to save energy and money on heating bills, they’re also relatively low maintenance. UPVC is a great option for houses near busy roads thanks to the noise insulation, helping to create a quieter environment.

French Windows

French windows are best for when you want to have an unobstructed view – French windows and doors are predominantly glass, with the frame taking up little space, allowing for a greater view of outside. They also offer a sleek, stylish look, with a variety of colour options available.

Flush Fitting Casement Windows

Flush Fitting Casement windows offer a traditional appearance with modern functionality. Conservation factors offer savings on energy usage and bills, whilst a traditional look is retained, making these perfect for keeping a timeless look for a property.

Sash Windows – Vertical Sliding

Our Sash windows are offered with a range of glazing bars to choose from, making them suitable for a range of houses, from new builds to refurbishments and historical building projects. The high quality build of Sash windows incorporate quadruple weather-strips and insulated glazing units for excellent insulation properties and a long-lasting build.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Made to order to your specifications, Tilt and Turn windows are one of the most popular offerings. The hinges of Tilt and Turn windows allow for them to be tilted and opened in a variety of ways. Opening sideways into the room enables easy cleaning from inside, and tilting offers control over ventilation.

Admiral Home Improvements

Whichever style of window you decide on for your home, Admiral Home Improvements can supply and fit them with the help our own fully qualified craftsmen. Trained in-house to ensure only the very best work is carried out on your home, our teams have hundreds of satisfied customers and a promise to treat you home as if it were their own. For a free quote or a survey of your home in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and the surrounding region, get in touch with us today.

John & Julie

Julie and myself would like to thank you and your team at Admiral for the professional way our problem with the extension was dealt with. The room was finished off yesterday and we are very happy with out new living space. I would liken your customer service to being the equivalent of John Lewis in the double glazing business.

Once again thank you for your help.

Which is the best door for your home?

The front door of your home is a sometimes overlooked, yet very important part of your home. It’s one of the first things that guests will see, and can set the tone for the style and atmosphere of the house – so which kind of front door would suit your home the best?

One of the first important things to consider is the style of your home, and which kind of door will suit this style. So, let’s say you have a Victorian semi-detached, then a more traditional looking door will suit this house the best. Read on for our summaries of the different materials used for our doors, and the properties that each of these feature.


If you want a door that looks the part, but is also easier for you to maintain than traditional materials, then composite is for you. Composite can provide the look of a classic wooden door, but with easy maintenance and insulating properties. These doors are made with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which provides an authentic timber appearance when moulded. This material also provides insulation and soundproofing.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a classic traditional look, which is versatile enough to suit both traditional homes and newer builds. Although security may be a concern, you can rest assured that our solid wood doors are 48mm of solid timber, absolutely providing enough protection to keep your home safe. This solid wood core is enclosed in a protective highly stable plastic banding.


UPVC doors popularity comes from their multiple features and available colours, with a wide range able to suit a variety of homes, along with their value for money and easy maintenance.

Again, these doors work well with both traditional and modern homes, although this is more often modern ones rather than traditional; the range of colours and the look of the material means you’ll have most likely seen them all over newly built estates.

Admiral Home

If you’re looking to improve your home with a new door, then we have an extensive range of quality doors to suit any style made from composite, solid wood and UPVC to supply the Ipswich and Woodbridge areas. Get in touch with us today, or visit our showroom for a look at our complete range.

The benefits of electrical roller garage doors compared to traditional garage doors

When it comes to garage doors, electrical roller doors have a lot of benefits when compared to traditional ‘up and over’ doors. Keep reading for a run through of the benefits you’d get from electrical roller doors.


The biggest benefit of electrical roller garage doors are their convenience. These doors can be opened remotely from the comfort of your car, making them perfect for the colder weather, as well as just more convenient in general. The remote for opening these doors is operational up to 50 meters away, and the accompanying control panel which fits to the wall features a light for ease of access.


The security of your garage and home may be a concern, but roller doors are made with your safety in mind. Remote controls are equipped with unique encryption codes, so only your remote can open the door. You can have peace of mind that your contents and home will be safe along with the convenience of the remote control.


Although traditional doors made of wood may look better on older homes, electrical roller doors also look sophisticated and fit especially well with newer builds. A range of design options means that there are roller doors suitable for any style of home.

Admiral Home

With looks, convenience, and security all considered, it’s easy to see the benefits of electrical roller doors for your home. At Admiral, we supply and install the best garage doors throughout the Ipswich and Suffolk area. If you’re interested in a new convenient and secure garage door, get in touch today on 01473 659062 or email us at

Benefits of choosing a sun lounge conservatory over an extension

It may seem hard to choose between a sun lounge conservatory and an extension to your home; both have their own upsides, but with a sun lounge conservatory you’ll be getting plenty of benefits as well as a beautiful addition to your home.

Sun lounge or conservatory?

Firstly, it’s important to note that there is a difference between a sun lounge and a conservatory. Although subtle, these differences make for important distinctions in the kind of room you’ll be getting. A conservatory is made primarily of glass, letting in a lot more sunlight as well as heat; there is often little protection from the sun, which can be problematic on the hottest summer days. A sun lounge conservatory, on the other hand, typically has a more sturdy structure, with a solid roof that offers more respite from the sun as well as giving it more of a ‘new room’ feeling.

The benefits of a sun lounge

The first benefit to choosing a sun lounge is that you’re opening up your home and bringing your garden in, a well as the summer sun in the hotter months. A sun lounge will enable you to enjoy your garden more the whole year round, as well as providing a great summer room. Although a downside to a normal conservatory is the lack of insulation in the colder months, a sun lounge will offer better opportunity for insulation, being built more like a standard room rather than predominantly from glass.

Although similar cost to an extension, a sun lounge is a more attractive, fresher, more modern look to most homes. The work undertaken to complete an extension will also be longer and more disruptive than with a sun lounge, potentially getting in the way of the use of other parts of your house, such as the kitchen, for months on end.

Another great advantage of a sun lounge is that being built with more than just glass, you’ll find it feeling like a new room rather than a conservatory. A complete (or even partially covered) roof gives the sun lounge a sense of being an extension of the house, rather than a space suitable only for the summer that can happen wit ha conservatory.

Admiral Home Improvements

At Admiral Home Improvements, we can cover every aspect of a new addition to your home, from the initial planning, to the design and building of a sun lounge conservatory. We will take care of planning permission, building requirements, as well as all landscaping work, electrical installations, tiling and plastering. For any enquires, or to get started with your new sun lounge, give us a call on 01473 659 062, email us at, or send us a message through our website.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for the way the work was carried out. I am extremely pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Admiral.

Marcus & Beverley Kwan

Yet again another great job done, from the initial order and quote to the install of the additional windows and doors, they look absolutely fabulous. Thanks to the team that fitted them with the usual quality and professionalism that I know Admiral always shows towards its customers. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring replacement windows and doors.

Maggie and Stephen Squirrell

Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our lovely new Sash windows. They look amazing. We have already had people in to look at them after admiring them from the pavement.

Thank you to the whole team. All very professional and efficient.

Linda Rachel

My husband has always organised any home improvements to our home, and this time he left it to me. After an inspection, he couldn’t find fault with anything and reckoned the job was done very well. Trust me, this is a first  – high praise indeed, so many thanks to all concerned.