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5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to Double Glazed Windows

In the UK, all new houses are built with double glazed windows. This has been a regulation for some time now because we know that double glazing has a number of very important benefits. For one thing, it is highly efficient when it comes to energy conservation. The insulating layer of air minimises the impact of cold temperatures outside.

The result is a much slower release of warm air, so a substantially smaller amount of heat leaves the house. This is great for winter living, as homes stay warmer for longer, even if central heating use is limited. For homeowners in Suffolk, a double glazing upgrade is recommended, particularly if the property is old enough to be without newer features.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of double glazing and why an upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

Reduced Energy Costs

For the typical Suffolk homeowner, a double glazing installation can end up shaving around £300 from annual energy bills. Considering many energy providers have now hiked their rates up to record levels, this opportunity to save money cannot be disregarded. Double glazing leads to a reduction in energy use because the panes are much better at keeping heat inside the home. Consequently, your central heating will instantly become more efficient.

Stronger Security

While no type of domestic window is completely impervious to forced entry, double glazing is substantially harder to penetrate. Security experts recommend that older homes invest in an upgrade because burglars routinely look for single glazed properties and disregard those with sturdier, stronger entry points. If you want to boost security even further, opt for double glazing with internal beading on the inside, as it is much harder to push out of the frame.

Great Noise Absorption

Double glazing is good for more than just lowering your energy bills. It is also an excellent noise absorber and can muffle sounds from outside, such as traffic and loud neighbours. Conversely, the noise that you make on the inside will be harder to hear as well, because the insulated panes are harder to pass through. So, if your house is in a particularly busy part of Suffolk, you may want to consider a new installation.

Compatible Designs

As already mentioned, all new properties in the UK are fitted with double glazing as standard. This means that any homes built before the introduction of this policy won’t have this feature unless the owner chooses to invest in an upgrade. Even if your property is fairly old, it’s worth looking into the various design options. There are now some very sophisticated frames available, and it is entirely possible to match the aesthetic to older, traditional properties.

Higher Resale Value

In Suffolk and the surrounding areas, double glazing installations significantly increase the resale value of properties. This is because buyers are very aware of the benefits. They know that they stand to earn money through conserved energy and they’re willing to pay more for fully insulated, highly secure homes. Therefore, investing in an upgrade is a great way to attract interest and grab yourself a great deal.

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The Stylish Sunhouse: How to Design Your New Conservatory

The decision to build a conservatory is never a small one. It represents a pretty sizeable investment in the future of your home. So, it needs to be carefully planned and considered. On the other hand, if you’re sure that you want and can afford a build like this, there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with it.

There are more styles of conservatory than you might think. Ipswich is home to a great number and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thing about conservatories is that they can be shaped to fit your lifestyle. If it’s extra space you need, a longer hipped to structure is a great choice. If you want to do a little sun worshipping, try a big, broad gable conservatory.

This guide to the most popular conservatory styles will help you plan and design your own.

The Edwardian

You may have heard Edwardian conservatories referred to as ‘Georgian.’ In most cases, they are the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably. This is a broad, flat fronted style which makes excellent use of floor space. This is the design for you if you’re trying to squeeze out a fully functional room for play, study, or utilities.

The Victorian

The Victorian is, perhaps, the prevalent of conservatories in Ipswich. It is a common sight in suburban neighbourhoods. The design is defined by a bay front, with big windows. This façade is sometimes slightly curved (to incorporate five bays). It can also be combined with a pitch roof. Many people choose the Victorian because it has that classic conservatory aesthetic.

The Lean To

The Lean To (or Mediterranean) style is the most affordable. It is perfect for homeowners on a tight budget, as less structural work is required. Essentially, Lean To conservatories just sit alongside the house instead of fully connecting to it. They work in much the same way as Georgian or Victorian structures, but they cost substantially less.

The Gable

This style is very similar to the Edwardian, with the difference being that its roof doesn’t slope back to the centre. Like its counterpart, it is a great way to maximise space. Gable conservatories are big, bright, and let lots of light in. They are a good match for family rooms and spaces for entertaining.

The Combination

If you’ve got lots of room outside to play with and a big budget, you can really splash out and create a combination extension. These are often referred to as ‘P’ or ‘L’ style structures, because that’s what they look like from above. For instance, if you combine an Edwardian conservatory with a lean to, you’ll get a P shaped space. It’s a lavish way to do things, but if you have the money, time, and room, there’s nothing stopping you.

The Bespoke

Depending on which retailer you work with, you could design your own style of conservatory. This is useful in awkwardly shaped areas, which aren’t suited to the regular boxy structures. It requires a little more planning and preparation, but your contractor will be able to help you draw up blueprints and designs. They’ll also give you advice on how to stay within your budget.

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